Plan your group volunteer adventure with Minds Abroad

Are you planning to spend your next vacation in a more excited way? You want to do something worthy but with lot of fun? You need to be involved in making a change in this world, but don’t want to miss your friends or colleagues? Join your hands with Minds Abroad to find a solution. We help you out with organizing customized travelling and volunteering in China in groups.

You can enjoy your vacation by travelling to china with your best pals and dear ones, spend your time in helping out the needy local people and site seeing. Minds Abroad will make sure that your group volunteer broad experience is everything that each member of your group dreamed that it would be! Yunnan province in china is one of the must visit places if you get a chance to. The entire trip will be customized as per your preferences to best meet your group’s unique interests, schedule and experience.

In Asia volunteering opportunities are at Kunming in China, one of the most beautiful provinces in china with diverse people and cultures, its industrial development has lagged far behind the coastal region of China. In truth, it is this lack of industry that has helped preserve Yunnan’s traditional cultures. However, a less desirable consequence of this is that many families of migrant workers in Kunming have limited economic opportunities. This has left many children in a position where they don’t have access to the kind of education necessary to escape the poverty in which they are growing up. So the volunteer group will be working for the upliftment of these minorities in China.

Group orientation programs will be conducted by Minds Abroad for customized groups. Apart from volunteering you will get a chance to travel and site seeing in China to enjoy your vacation at the best.

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