About Minds Abroad

Minds Abroad is a US based organization that conducts study abroad programs in China for both individual students and also customized groups from colleges and universities. Our programs are a blend of morning classes, afternoon volunteering or language exchange sessions, evening cultural activities and weekend excursions to sites of educational value.We were recently named as a “Top 10 Program in Citizen Diplomacy” by the Center for Citizen Diplomacy and U.S. State Department.

China Programs

Through our China programs, students explore a new world and also earn academic credits through our Chinese language university partner. While in Kunming, China, during weekdays, students attend classes on Mandarin Chinese in the mornings. They either engage in volunteering activities or participate in language exchange sessions with local Chinese students in the afternoons. Volunteering primarily revolves around working with underprivileged children in local non-profit organizations. A one-on-one Chinese/English language exchange session with local students can do a lot to supplement language skills that students acquire in class.

As a part of our China program, students over the weekends visit fast growing metropolises, UNESCO World Heritage sites and participate in rural homestays. We believe this diversity of excursions not only gives participants a balanced perspective into the rapidly modernizing urban China and also rural society where the majority of the people in China still live. Some of the places of interest that students visit are large coastal cities of Beijing and Shanghai as well as the ancient city of Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La.

India Programs

Minds Abroad India programs are based in Kolkata, the country’s 3rd largest city and a place considered by many as the country’s cultural capital. Kolkata is in eastern India and is only a 2.5 hours flight from Kunming. As an integral part of our programs in India, students explore major metropolitan cities like Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi and Kolkata. In both China and India, students participate in cultural activities to get an in-depth understanding of the ways of life of the local people. These activities include attending performances from local ethnic musicians and dancers, visiting local museums, and going to sites of local interest.

Impact Abroad

Minds Abroad partners with Impact Abroad to provide for volunteering opportunities. Impact Abroad in Kunming partners with NGOs in the field of education and community development to serve less fortunate individuals with limited economic and educational opportunities. Volunteering assignments mostly involve English teaching to disadvantaged children.

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